The Timber Framing Option

Timber frame hybrid homes are becoming a popular because of their strength and reliability. You can design your dream home without much of a hassle. There are also different kinds of designs and styles for hybrid timber homes that can be built at affordable rates.

If you are careful to choose an expert in hybrid timber framing and a designer they can come up with great ideas for your houses. On the other hand, you can do your own research. The internet has plenty of designs and styles to choose from as far as hybrid timber homes are concerned.

Though timber is not the only material used to build homes, there are many advantages associated with timber construction. In order to enjoy maximum benefits, make sure you hire a competent timber framing contractor. You can get recommendations and talk to professionals who have experience with the timber framing construction system. If there is no one you can talk to, it is a good idea to read a few timber framing design books and magazines.

The internet is still a great place to look for information. You should be able to find tons of helpful information with regards to hybrid timber frame homes. Let’s discuss the advantages of building hybrid timber homes:

Faster to build: Timber construction takes less time. You require fewer wooden pieces to build the house frame. This means your frame can be built very quickly; large homes can take between 4 to 8 days while medium to small homes the time taken is 2 to 3 days.

Easy to heat or cool: It is easier for heating engineers to install heating and cooling systems. Hybrid timber frame homes have great insulation properties because these houses have insulated exterior sheathing.

Strong and durable: Timber frame hybrid homes are strong and durable and they can withstand the worst of weather conditions and will last longer than most other wooden houses.

Cost: The biggest advantage with hybrid timber framing is costs. Building is cheaper than building traditional wooden houses. If you are thinking of building a new home soon consider the hybrid timber homes option.


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