How to Get a Good Divorce Lawyer

If you are searching for divorce lawyers, just like it is when searching for any other lawyer, you want to interview a few of them before you settle on one. Divorce attorneys charge high fees and, as such, you want to make sure that you spend your money wisely and fond a good attorney.

It is important to make sure that the divorce lawyers you choose have sufficient experience in settling divorce settlements and litigation. Alternatively, they should have partners in their company who will effectively represent you.

Some states offer board certification in matters to do with family law and this also includes divorce law. If you come from such a state, you want to make sure that you choose board certified lawyers to deal with your matter. This is especially important if your divorce case is going to include child custody matters, a great amount of assets and liabilities in addition to retirement plans.

Many divorce attorneys charge their fees using hourly rates. Others demand to be paid a lump-sum amount up front from where they will draw their hourly fees. When you are signing a retainer contract you should ensure that it specifically spells out the fee amount, the hourly rates as well as what happens when the retainer is completely exhausted.

If the case is going to be settled, the lawyer could quote a retainer that will cover the settlement but they should be able to add a clause the clearly defines that any additional money due should the case go on to litigation.

There are services that are covered in typical retainer contracts that should include the drafting of standard divorce pleadings. The said pleadings depend on whether the petitioner or respondent retains the divorce attorneys.

Some of the typical standard pleadings will include the civil cover sheet, summons, petition for dissolution of marriage, answer to dissolution of marriage,    counter petition to dissolution of marriage and notice of filing certificate of completion of parenting course among others. The best divorce lawyers have extensive knowledge of these and any other situations that could arise.


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