How and Where to Get Gluten Free Food

People with wheat sensitivity or Celiac disease usually have a hard time locating a gluten free restaurant near me when they plan to eat out. It is also worse when you are looking for ingredients for your own gluten free San Diego food. If you are trying to locate gluten free bakery in San Diego the following tips will work for you:

Local grocery store: Start checking for gluten free San Diego foods and supplies in the organic section of your local food store. Most people are pleasantly surprised to realize there is a gluten free aisle they have never seen before. In case you don’t know where to start, try asking the manager of the grocery mart. Some may be willing to make plans for specific orders for you and several others.

Health food stores:  Most health food stores are not chain/franchise stores but are owned by individuals that you can develop a relationship with.  Ask whether they can order gluten free San Diego supplies for you in bulk/by the case for price reductions.  Your business is important to them.

Again tell the owner or manager that while you may easily eat at gluten free restaurants San Diego, you need supplies for your own home cooking and be specific.  Ask for bulk discounts and shop around until you are satisfied with the price and the product.

Buy online:  When you buy gluten free San Diego foods and supplies online, you pay shipping & handling for the food products.  This may increase the prices somehow. You may therefore want to look for online stores that provide an auto-ship option.  This is usually accompanied by a discounted rate or free shipping.  Also many companies will ship box lots of gluten free San Diego products for a discounted rate.

Non-Specialty Foods:  Eat as many non-specialty foods as possible.  Remember fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes, plain meats, and dairy products are safe.  Simple adjustments to your normal daily diet can be made by substituting gluten free San Diego products in the place of wheat products.  Consider gluten free macaroni with rice pasta and cheese instead of wheat semolina noodles.


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