You Cannot Afford A DUI Conviction

Millions of people don’t realize the danger of getting convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol especially in a different state. Every state has its own penal code and different penalties. If you ever find yourself in these circumstances, the safest thing to do is to hire a competent out of state DWI attorney. You may already know that in most places that a second conviction will earn you a mandatory jail term.

An important question arises about what happens when you get charged with a second conviction in a different state and especially whether the second state can charge it a second DUI or a first one. This is a very important concern that an out of state DUI attorney will help you deal with and a good representation will make a huge difference in the length of probation in addition to the mandatory jail term.

Unknown to most people, being charged for driving under the influence of alcohol in a different state when you already have another conviction in your state is a recipe for trouble. The other state has the freedom to deal with the case as they see appropriate. This is a good reason for hiring an expert out of state DWI attorney.

However, whether the new state chooses to take into account your previous DUI or they ignore will be determined by your representation. There are chances that the other state may not know that the previous DUI conviction actually exists and there are a few reasons. In most cases it is the fact that most states are overloaded with DUI cases and, as a result, they may not have the time to review the potential criminal history of every other state for lack of the time and the resources.

One other reason you need an Out of state dui attorney is the fact there are different standards and procedures regarding DUI convictions in every state. The permissible amount of blood alcohol level is also different in every state and, as a result, whereas you may be convicted in one state for driving under the influence, which may not be the case in another state.

Similarly, a prior driving under the influence conviction in a state like California may not necessarily be considered when you get convicted in a different state. However, in cases where there is a potential jail term, or otherwise, it could easily be considered a first-time offense.

Since you are not an expert in law, this underlines the importance of having an out of state DWI attorney. They have everything it takes to represent your interests and speak to the prosecutors if you are in a different state and try to argue why your first DUI should not be considered.


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