The Ups And Downs of LED Sports Lighting

The main challenge with choosing sports lighting for multi-purpose sports courts is that different sports activities have different light levels that are ideal for them. LED lighting Melbourne specialists say making a choice for led lights is also challenging because considerations must be made based on the size of the court, desired lumen and light-pollution-related issues that must be avoided.

LED lighting Melbourne experts, for instance, recommend more sports light in a tennis court compared to other sports courts. This is because a tennis ball is small and rapid. Players, therefore, need more illumination to see the ball especially in the dark compared to the balls with other games. On the contrary, basketball courts whether, whether commercial or residential, doesn’t require as much light.

There are homes in Australia who also use their sports courts as ice skating rinks during inter. Using fixtures designed for non-reflective courts can be challenging in these cases since they will block the way. LED sports lights Australia can come in handy in these incidences to help in reflecting light from the ice.

LED lighting Melbourne stores stock versatile LED sports lights that can be used in multi-sports courts. These can be effortlessly adjusted to suit the needs of the players of different sports. This will save you from stocking different lamps or continuously changing fluorescent bulbs that can provide the lighting requirements for certain games. Some of our customers have even requested for their lights to be customized, for instance, to include dimming options, which we gladly do. Ant LED spotlights Australia can be upgraded to be dimmable.

We offer several Led packages for spotlighting. Our packages have two prominent dimming options; step dimming and 0-10 volt gradual adjustment. These adjust the light to pre-determined outputs that are easy to program during factory assembly. Step dimming is ideal for applications that need specific lights for varied uses. But for sports lighting, we mostly recommend the 0-10 volt dimming since it offers the best range of lighting.

Do you fancy playing basketball at night but you fear energy bills? LED spotlights Australia can light up your basketball courts while still keeping your energy bills low.


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