How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Getting To Your Mattress

Your mattress is supposed to be your personal hideaway. Unfortunately, a number of suspects won’t just let you have your peace. Whereas some of these suspects like bacteria and dead skin are harmless, others like pests will literally make your skin crawl.

Among these shameless pests are bedbugs. These small insects that hide in your bed’s crevices can make your bed a living hell. Since they are nocturnal, they will only be crawling out of their hiding place at night to bite and suck blood from your exposed skin. Bedbugs are not really harmful and their bite is not life-threatening. But professionals of mattress cleaning Toronto advice that you keep them away from your bed as much as possible since the itching and irritation that they can subject you to can be a nightmare.

How to Tell If You Have Bedbugs

If you sleep with a clear skin only to wake up with red rashes or small blisters on your body, it could be from bedbugs. But if it truly is from bedbugs, then their numbers have multiplied uncontrollably and you need to call carpet cleaning Ajax professionals and seek advice on what steps to take.

You can notice bedbugs without the bites and even when they are still few. Check your beddings and the surface of your mattress and check for small specks of black feces. Bedbugs also emit an unmistakably unpleasant odor. You could also check for small white particles that are characteristic of their eggs. You can easily identify these by looking through the crevices of your bed and mattress using a torch.

How to prevent mattress from bedbug invasion

Unfortunately, there’s no telling when bedbugs will attack your bedroom since it only takes one of them to make its way to your home. They are commonly transferred by a human so your guests could come with them or you can bring them from a visit you took. To ensure that even if a few bedbugs find their way to your house they don’t multiple, maintain good hygiene. Vacuum your mattress on a regular basis, change your sheets and air out your mattress and beddings. Mattress cleaning Toronto professionals also advise that you take your mattress and other beddings for professional cleaning at least every 10 months.


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