Why shredding your old hard drive is vital

When it’s time to get rid of your old computer or laptop, regardless of whether you are a business or an individual, steps are required to be taken in order to shred your old hard drive. Here are some reasons why it is vital to do so.

Identity Theft

Criminals love to come across a hard drive. Even after erasing all the data on the hard drive, there are programs available to get them back. And in the hands of a master criminal, any old hard drive is akin to an open book. Data, from old emails to your social security number, are all at risk if you do not shred your old hard drive, it’s a cakewalk for identity thieves. A hard drive may contain old, treasured pictures that may compromise you as well as other information like bank particulars and passwords. Do not take the risk of simply discarding your old hard drive without shredding it.

Ineffective methods

If you just erase and format your hard drive, it’s not nearly enough. When you actually delete them your files are still sitting on your hard drive, the only difference being that you cannot see them. But a thief knows this bit and has the knowledge as well as expertise to prize out data with the help of strong programs. Physically destroying an old hard drive through hitting with a heavy object like a hammer is not at all the most effective way to go about it. The best way of destroying the hard drive is shredding it along with physical destruction.

Data recovery

With the advances in technology, data recovery is all the more effective, coming up with newer ways each and every day. If you own a business, especially in the medical and legal field, it becomes important that you keep client information that is vital to you. And so if you are switching computers, it becomes important that you take steps to retrieve data that is important and then go about shredding the hard drive.

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