How to choose the right paint and color for interior painting

Painting is a cheap and effective way of re-doing your interiors to give them a fresh, new feel. It’s relative cost is much lower than other ways of redoing the house, and the turnaround time is also vastly smaller in comparison.

Which paints should be chosen?

Paint is available in a variety of sheens as well as either in latex or oil. Latex is the most common type used and it is preferred because it is easy to clean up and has long lasting durability. It is more fade resistant and also breathes much better than oil. This results in less blistering of the paint. Latex paint is recommended for most of the interiors of the house. Oil based paint is likewise preferred for priming real wood moldings and trim because it tends to seal stains and knots from the wood much better than latex paint. However it does take longer to dry so you should plan for more drying time as well.


The glossier the paint is, the easier it is to clean up. If you have small children in the family and the room you’re planning to paint witnesses high traffic on a daily basis, for example a playroom, or if gets grease like a kitchen, you should go for high gloss sheen which makes it easy to wipe down the walls with a damp sponge or a piece of damp cloth. High gloss suits trim as well and will give them a great, finished look.


If you intend to sell your house in the future, it is recommended that a white or an off-white color be chosen as the color for the interior walls. This allows the buyer to choose his favorite color and paint over your color with minimal fuss. Nevertheless, you should utilize the hundreds of available colors and talk to knowledgeable salespeople who can recommend a custom color for the insides of the house.

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