Young missionaries also face medical problems

Usually, the missionary term is related to individuals who are part of a religious community and whose task is to evangelize or spread the principles of their faith, both in the same community in which they live and in communities far away in which they probably must start from zero. A missionary is, therefore, a person who is completely dedicated to that task and usually does so with complete commitment, devotion, and love.

Missionaries not only teach the word of their religion or belief to those who do not know it, they also carry out educational tasks (language, health, etc.), health care for the sick, operative work of your church (for example, temple building), etc.

Some statistics indicate that currently, there are more than 100,000 US missionaries serving in missionary travel services worldwide. Most of them will remain healthy during their mission, which lasts on average, two years for men and 18 months for women. However, those who become ill or injured can face serious obstacles to get quality health care. To cover these eventualities some companies have designed a missionary health insurance.

In addition, missionaries may feel lonely. Many of them are still very young and have never left the United States. They are often assigned to missionary travel services in remote and rural regions of developing countries, so one might expect that these young adults would be terrified of traveling to these countries on their own and spending every day talking to strangers in a language they sometimes do not even master. But their faith and beliefs give them the courage to face that mission.

Missionaries who become ill may be reluctant to report any serious problems to an authority figure, in part because they fear being sent home early, before completing their mission. Even in the case of some religions, it is considered a dishonor and they are isolated and stigmatized. That is why good coverage with a missionary health insurance will give the missionary the peace of mind that he can seek the right medical care and cover the expenses of his illness or accident. Even in severe cases, the coverage could cover the expenses of repatriation due to illness or death, if this is stipulated in the contracted policy.


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