Enhancing spaces in a small kitchen

Nothing gives more value to a house or apartment than the kitchen and bathrooms. In fact, when someone is looking for a new home to buy or rent where they make more emphasis, after evaluating the overall layout of the home, is in the conditions of the kitchen and bathrooms. In addition, the kitchen, after the bedroom, is the area of the house that is most used in terms of time, and in modern families is perhaps the area where time is most shared. So, if you are thinking of a small kitchen remodeling, with a little imagination and planning you can achieve the goals and avoid last-minute setbacks.

By keeping the ideas and planning the small kitchen remodeling well, it will have functional and elegant results, being very satisfactory the work. Of course, you should also think about the money available to undertake the renovation and consider some small details to achieve a beautiful new residential construction and especially functional.

Here are some ideas to optimize the use of spaces.

– The available space can be used to locate the kitchen implements in a harmonious and practical way. There are things that can be hung or can be placed in a smaller place.

– Adjusting the cabinets against the ceiling doubles the space.

– An oven is included in the wall instead of a separate oven.

– Think about using a stove that can be mounted on the cabinets.

– Do not use two points when in only one you can use two at the same time. Choose compact versions of appliances and accessories where is possible.

– The refrigerator may be a slim model or rack for industrial use.

When doing, a small kitchen remodeling you must remember that space is limited. Having enough cabinets, drawers and closet space eliminates a lot of clutter in the work area. Keeping stored appliances with a few use saves space.

The subject of enlightenment is also very important. Light can help make a small space look bigger and good lighting is very useful in the kitchen. For that, a central or general illumination must be placed with low-intensity bulbs, whereas for the work areas the illumination must be focused with more intense bulbs.





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