Types of Glasses for Windows

Three qualities that are always sought in the glass for windows are security, thermal isolation, and acoustic isolation. In this article, we are going to refer specifically to the physical properties of thermal and acoustic isolation that must be had in case of needing Commercial Glass & Window repair.

*Thermal isolation

It is well known that crystals of the windows are a source of permanent heat loss, allowing it to move freely between the interior and exterior of the home dramatically reducing energy efficiency in both winter and summer. The good news is that in recent years high-quality windows have been designed and produced. The thermal crystals achieve that, due to the temperature difference between interior and exterior, the energy transfer through the glass is the smallest possible.

The main values that measure the loss of heat are:

– R-value: measures the thermal resistance or the ability of a material to withstand the heat flow. The higher this value, the greater the resistance of the material to the movement of heat.

– U-value: applies the time factor for the measurement of heat loss. U-Values, measure the heat per hour that is lost through the window.

Windows normally have two U-Values: one for the glass and one for the whole window, including the profile or frame. The lower the U-Value the better, the window will be more energy efficient.

To improve the energy efficiency of glazing products there are three fundamental approaches, which can also be combined:

– Alter the glass material by changing its chemical composition or physical characteristics. An example of this is the tinted crystals.

– Apply a reflective coating film to the surface of the glass.

– Join several layers of glass and control the properties of the spaces between the layers.

*Acoustic isolation.

If the office is in a busy area of traffic or people, the noise can become very annoying and can even cause health problems due to the stress generated over time, so that acoustic isolation can be one of the fundamental factors. It is advisable for Window Repair to be of laminate type at least 6 mm thick.



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