Caring the granite

Granite is a noble stone that dresses most of the floors of houses and apartments built in the fifties. The granite floors are not only beautiful but durable, and those who have known how to care for them today enjoy the beauty they project. Here are some tips to keep them as new, just like the granite cleaning and sealing service.

Keeping granite clean requires only water and neutral soap. It is important to note that very corrosive products will damage the material, which will start to show signs of wear in the long run. A deep cleaning with soap can be done once or twice a week, but the rest of the days will be enough a damp cloth or a mop.

Granite cleaning and sealing service experts recommend that when spilled any substance (coffee, liquor, juice, oil, etc.) to the floor, it should be cleaned and dried immediately, otherwise there is a risk of flooring staining. To remove small stains there are several home methods. One of them is to apply water with vinegar, or water with salt and lemon. Another option is to put some bleach in the water. In either case, the mixture must be completely removed by washing with water.

To keep the granite polished it is only necessary to apply wax and then proceed to pass the polishing machine. The frequency of this procedure will depend on the traffic of people circulating daily.

Granite cleaning and sealing service experts perform some procedures to maintain and beautify the granite.

Leaded. The traditional leaded, in disuse in some parts of the world, consists of sanding and dismantling the floor by means of a machine that rubs it. The surface is uniform and as new.

Diamond. The floor is also subjected to a deep cleaning process, by means of the use of a special acid that is applied with an industrial polisher. The diamond does not remove old stains or match worn floors if it serves to remove traces of wax or previously used products and prepares the surface for the crystallization process.

Crystallized. When the floor crystallizes, it looks like a mirror. This very beautiful result is obtained by the action of a special chemical and the friction of the polishing machine. The advantage of doing vinyl Strip and wax  on the floor is that it is avoided to be doing deep cleaning constantly; only a broom and a mop are required.





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