What are the various latest methods of Roof Cleaning

Maintenance of roof is a big concern as it is the absolute reason behind long lasting ability of the roof of your house. As science and technology are being advanced gradually, roof cleaning processes have been introduced as the renovated & redefined ones to secure environment from pollutants as well as to sustain longevity of roof. Let’s cast ample light on some latest eco-friendly roof cleaning methods prevailing these days.

Low pressure cleaning method

This eco-friendly, non-bleach process is followed for roof wash by applying methodically prepared & buffered products, especially those that are safe on all types of fiberglass & asphalt surfaces. This roof shampoo does not affect the landscape around your house and immensely effective in eliminating lichens, algae & moss from the roofing surface. In this pressure roof cleaning, high pressure along with brushing or scrubbing is never involved for gaining exact result.

Bleach roof cleaning

In this crucial process, the cleaning contractors are often seen to use bleach blended with their own created solutions. This high-yielding chlorine bleach mixture contains dish detergents, surfactants, phosphates, and varied scents in order to hide the scent of bleach. But this process is not appreciable & recommendable since chlorine bleach can precipitate the damage of roof, all the more if the roof is not wiped out thoroughly.

High pressure power wash method

In this roof pressure wash procedure, high pressure is required for removing spots from roofs. With the blowing of protective granules, the stains all go away from the roofs. But this method is too problematic and not secured. It is just because this power wash not only creates damage to your roofing surface slowly, but also takes no considerable actions in demolishing organisms which are the main cause of roof stains.

There are many agencies doing no Pressure Roof Cleaning and they are popular for being involved in a skillful roof cleaning process and making your house beautiful from every angle. The process they follow is found to be environment friendly, not causing harm to your surroundings. Check all these points before finalizing any agency.


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