How to Choose the Best Cement for Constructing Your Dream Home

If you are planning to build a house as seen in your dream, then choosing the market leading constructing materials will be a difficult issue. Especially it is the cement which causes much concern while picking up among varied brands and grades as well. How will you jump into conclusion about selecting the right cement for your dream home?

When it comes to be residential purposes, the first thing which hovers around your ultimate decision is the lasting capability of your house. Being the most crucial factor, it influences the nature of cement to be applied in your construction and several grades of cement are out there in the market. Choosing the right one which fits your budget should be your criteria.

Recognizing the grades of cement

Three kinds of cement are generally available to meet our manufacture requirements. 33 Grade cement is generally applied for plastering the walls. During the average weather situations, this grade of cement comes to execute the termination of any construction work as well.

43 Grade cement is most frequently used for placing the foundation for the construction, compound walls, cell towers, in the brick work and plastering too. Compared to 33 Grade, this grade of cement is more sturdy and enhances the duration of the building.

53 Grade cement has the highest potential and strength than other two types as well. The multi-storied high buildings or apartments apply this type of cement for this exact reason. Apart from that, this grade of cement is also used in the structures which involve high grade concrete.

Moreover, cement available in the market can be found in two basic colours – white & grey. Grey cement is the most commonly used ingredient in normal structure and building constructions. Whereas white cement is exerted for the interior as well as exterior décor of a house.

Assorted Cement Companies are there available in the market to assist you in acquiring the best cement for your building. They also guide you in selecting construction materials for commercial buildings for ending up with excellent outcome.


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