5 Reasons To Pressure Wash The Roof Of Your Home

Your roof happens to be the first defense against the ravages of nature and the elements. It always needs to be kept in good order to protect your family, property and also to ensure its longevity. A professional pressure washing of the roof is the best solution. Below are listed 5 main reasons and discussed briefly;

Longevity of the roof

Pressure washing of the roof helps to preserve its tiles and shingles. This also makes sure that you save money on costly repairs later on. As the years go by, you will find debris, algae, mold and lichens along with mildew building up on the roof and causing discolorations of the materials that make it up. They will also interfere with waterlines on the roof and hamper water collection. If this is not checked and cleaned in time, these materials will cause damage and sometimes enforce you to change the roof sooner or later.

Prevent infestations and ensure overall health

If you have algae and mold infestations they can creep down from the roof into your attic. This interferes with the air conditioning inside your home. Health conditions like allergies and infection to you or your family and pets may also happen. Also rotting of the roof’s support has been seen to happen in some cases. Pile up of dirt and debris can attract insects and small animals like rodents which then find a way into your house.

Energy savings

If you have a rotten roof, it will impact your energy bills in a very negative manner. Again, if the roof is covered with algae and has rotten shingles it will not reflect the sun, this means that your air conditioner will have to work overtime for achieving the same amount of coolness in the summer months. A blow to your energy bills again.

Improvement in aesthetic appeal

This is one of the reasons why pressure washing is stressed upon. You definitely do not want your roof to look dirty and rotten especially when you are in the market to sell your house. Pressure washing takes care of this problem and if you stick to a regular routine of it, you can keep your roof looking new and virgin for a very long period of time.

Home Insurance benefits

Your home insurance company would definitely want to inspect your roof or at least know what the condition of your roof is. Giving it a clean bill of health is important.

You should definitely go in for pressure cleaning, no pressure roof cleaning, power wash, soft wash, roof pressure wash and eco roof wash if you want things to go smoothly.


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