Just Call a Plumber

There are times when your wife is right.  When she tells you to call a plumber instead of fixing the issue yourself, listen!!!  The integrity of your home could be at stake.  If you don’t fix it correctly there may be costly repairs, code violations, and a very ticked off wife.  If any of the below issues arise, don’t be a hero and call the professionals.

Burst Pipes

This should be a no brainer.  A pipe is gushing water all over your home.  This is a prime-time example to call a plumber.  However, there are steps you need to do before the Plumber Sea Girt arrives.  First, shut the main water valve to your home off.  Not sure how to do this, take an advice from a plumbing point pleasant.   Doing this will cut the flow of water through the pipes and eventually stop the gushing of water from the pipe.  Don’t just mop up the water and put some tape on the leaking pipe.

Clogged Drain

Feel free to give this the old college try.  If the item obstructing the drain is visible, get in there and be the hero.  If not, then leave the drain cleaner products at the store and ask a Plumber Sea Girt.  The cleaners have corrosive chemicals in them that sometimes clears the clog, but it the product also eats away at the pipe and could also cause septic issues.

Low Water Pressure

This is a tough problem to diagnose.  It could be your water source, clogged pipe, or a myriad of other issues.  A plumbing point pleasant may need to test the PSI of the water or install a pressurized water pump.  Does this sound like something you should do? Save being reminded of your epic plumbing fail for years to come and call a plumber.

Attempting any of the above could result in bodily injury and expensive repairs.


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