the #1 source for quality natural bedding products

At BedandWood we specialize in high quality natural bedding products designed with your comfort in mind. There are so many conventional bedding products out on the market that many people don’t even know about the refinement and quality that natural bedding materials offer. Box springs and regular mattresses are a thing of the past, most of those products leave consumers with bad cramps and kinks all over their body. The main reason for this is due to the metal framing that many standard bed products use for support. Over time your body will start to wear on those sorts of frames making them poke and stick you all over your body. With natural bedding products you can avoid those restless nights and begin sleeping in comfort all the time.

We offer a wide variety of natural bedding options for you to choose from in order to make sure our customers get the best sleep possible. One of our most popular products is the organic cotton mattress which takes an old fashion material and makes it even more comfortable designed with the natural shape and pressure points of the human body in mind. What makes our organic cotton mattress different from other products on the market is its design. Instead of placing cotton throughout and supporting it with metal frames we use 100% natural cotton throughout the entire set-up.

This design method provides ultimate support and comfort for all of the pressure points on your body. Our Indian style cotton mattress is also another very popular product that we offer. The specialized Indian cotton we harvest for use in these products is truly one of a kind. The grains that Indian cotton is comprised of provide upgraded support and can help people who suffer from chronic medical conditions sleep more comfortably at night. The Indian style cotton mattress is one of our most popular products as many people report a sleep that they’ve never had before after using it. Take the time to go on our website and choose from the wide variety of natural sleeping products that we provide in order to buy a quality bed that comforts you while you sleep.


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