3 Most Common Real Estate Property Fraud That You Should Never Get Stuck In

It’s no secret that one of the most vulnerable businesses to invest in is the real estate market. If you’re not smart in this market, you can easily be scammed. Here are top three property scams to watch out for.

Deliberate delays

If you’re using the services of a real estate agent to purchase condos or homes in Hesperia, it’s important that you take apt precautions not to be scammed. Real estate agents, even though they are regulated by real estate market regulation bodies, are still not your friend (technically). They are like your business partner except that they won’t have your back.

A popular scrupulous dealing that some real estate agent can try out is to convince you that they have strike an agreement with the owner of the property and that you should give them the payments.  Days after giving them the payment, if you don’t see them calling you to give you the documents for the house you can be certain that you have been conned. To avoid this type of scam, avoid giving out any money to the real estate agent until you have the right documentation for the Hesperia homes or Hesperia condos that you were intending to purchase.

Executing purchase and follow up activities

Once you have agreed on the price for the Hesperia condos or Hesperia homes, common sense dictates that you sign the agreement papers before wiring the money. And while on money, never make cash payments when purchasing a real estate property as there will be no evidence of the purchase. It’s wiser to have bank transfers or to write a cheque which will leave evidence of the transaction. And of course, do this only once you have the agreement papers signed by you, the seller and the house agent if any.

Delay in utility bills

Delay in utility bills can leave you wringing your hands in despair even after possession. It’s therefore recommended that you check the sections for energy bills, water bills and others in the potential Hesperia homes or Hesperia condos for purchase. This will give you the surety that there are no pending issues that will cost you fortunes to resolve.


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