Living With Your Plane

Living in homes with private runways means that you live in very close proximity to a runway and of course this may not be everyone’s idea of a home. However, if you are reading this article chances are that you love airplanes, you own one or you are just a little bit curious about what happens in fly in communities. Most people who buy airpark homes for sale in Florida are pilots and just like most people love to live nest to their cars, these ones love airplanes and they desire to live next to them.

There are a number of fly in communities in Florida and thanks to the good tropical climate you can be sure that flying in and out is not going to be a problem throughout the year since there is clear visibility for more than 50 miles during sunny days. People who live in homes with hangars will tell you then nothing compares to the view from up there; your perspective on life changes completely and for those that are just developing interest in airpark properties for sale, you want to remember that you cannot find them if you are only dealing with your ordinary realtor.

Even though there appears to be a general decline on the number of private pilots, perhaps as a result of the lack of time and money, there also seems to be a significant increase in the number of people that are interested in buying airpark homes for sale in Florida. Homes with private runways will give you the special privilege to live close to your own private airplane or even if you are using a rental one.

One of the main advantages of homes with private runways is the fact that you will have completely reduced the time that you would have taken to commute to the airport especially when you want to enjoy a romantic sunset flight. You also have the ability to enhance your experience in aviation because you are able to fly in and out as many times as you wish; instead of paying for a rental hangar is some airport far from home, owning homes with hangars is a better option.

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