The Basics of Nickel Electroplating

Electroplating refers to the act of moving electrons through an electric circuit so as to transfer materials from one object to another object that is conductive. There are different kinds of metals that can be plated and they include gold, silver, pewter, brass, copper, tin, stainless steel and nickel; some the metals that cannot be plated include carbide, zinc and galvanized metal. NADCAP certified nickel electroplating is done on nay items that are used in everyday activities such as clock making, watch making, model building, guitar manufacturing and motorcycle repairs.

NADCAP certified nickel electroplating plays many important roles such as adding shine and glimmer on parts that don’t have it naturally; nickel is extremely resistant to corrosion and just like chrome it is able to withstand harsh weather. NADCAP certified nickel electroplating offers objects added protection because gives them a hard exterior shell as may be needed by different parts. You will realize the benefit of NADCAP certified nickel electroplating if you visit companies such as those that work on customizing motor cycles. These days there are modern kits that can easily be used for processes such as NADCAP certified nickel electroplating but this should only be done to a small degree.

The electroplating service using nickel works by transferring it to the objects that need to be plated; an electric current from a battery or another power source will cause the nickel to reduce before it follows the wires to the required object where it will cover it with a thin layer. This is an old process that has been used since time immemorial; there are many automobile parts that have been taken through the NADCAP certified nickel electroplating procedure with the best example being a fender. While most of the electroplating service is done on an industrial level, these days you can easily avail kits that can be used for plating smaller items such as jewelry from the comfort of your home. Make sure therefore that you look for experts in NADCAP certified nickel electroplating whenever you need an item that needs to be plated if you want positive and durable outcomes.


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