More than Your Regular Janitorial Service

Even though most people use the terms commercial cleaning services and the janitorial services interchangeably when referring to organizations that offer cleaning services, it is good to take note that while they may offer services that look alike there are a number of differences between the two. It is true that both types of companies offer cleaning services but the commercial cleaning services usually offer value added services in addition to what you can expect from a purely janitorial service such as sweeping, cleaning toilets, mopping floors as well as dusting offices.

Commercial cleaning companies usually offer value added services that will include floor waxing, kitchen and bathroom sanitization, high rise window cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning services and water damage restoration among others. The benefit of dealing with commercial cleaning services is that once you have hired them you are likely to have all your cleaning needs met by one service provider and that should mean more affordability. Some of the benefits of having a single service provider will include:

Lesser headache: Dealing with any organization requires an investment in terms of time and of course scrutinizing contracts before that can become your service provider; this means that when you are dealing with more than one company you will have multiple headaches to deal with. It is usually much better for you to negotiate deals, sign contracts and enter into negotiations with a single commercial cleaning services offering all the services. This is especially important if you are making long term plans with a commercial cleaning service because you could make any changes on matters of schedule more easily.

Economical: Since you will be dealing with only one single company for all your cleaning needs you can be sure that you will spend less. The word economical holds true because you will have fewer hassles dealing with a commercial cleaning service as opposed to a number of commercial janitorial services all offering different bits of services

Professionalism: Since you will be dealing with professional companies, you can be sure that the people that will be coming to clean your premises will be experts who are highly trained and who will be using the latest cleaning equipment.


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