How to Tell You Need a Lock Box

For those who are wondering what lock boxes are, these are secure combination boxes that act as miniature safes where people can keep their spare keys. In most cases you will hear about real estate lock boxes that are used by realtors that enable them to easily show rental property or property on sale to potential clients and in case of residential homes you can actually allow your guests to let themselves in even while you are away. These days there are other outdoor lock box varieties that are vehicle mounted so you can store your keys safely while you are out in the field; if you are in any of the above situations then you definitely need a lock box.

There are many people who are prone to forgetting their keys or locking themselves out; some of these people usually go the old-time route of leaving spare keys with neighbors or putting them under a pot. Burglars have known these tricks and they are likely to search under the door mat or under your flower pots while you are away therefore easily getting access to your home. These days people normally place lockboxes at a place that is in full view of neighbors or passersby such that a potential burglar will not want to be seen tinkering with the codes to try and gain access.

Even though real estate lock boxes seem to have a limited market, you can be sure that they come in a variety of brands, styles and designs. You may want to speak to a trusted locksmith if you need to get advice on how to select a realtor lockbox that is appropriate for your particular needs. However, when all is said and done, the consensus among locksmiths is that the wall mounted real estate lock boxes are perhaps the most secure one and especially the ones that are made of solid metal and attached to the wall using concealed screws. You don’t have to worry too much that a burglar may try to break into your lock box using a sledge hammer; burglars don’t want to draw attention to themselves and this is not likely to happen.


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