Foundation Crack Repair Techniques

The words foundation crack repair is perhaps every homeowner’s worst nightmare; everyone knows that the foundation is one of the most essential parts of a building and any kind of damage to the foundation will simply undermine your home’s structural ability. Any damage to the foundation will also make it extremely difficult if not impossible for you to sell your house because no one wants to buy a house and start dealing with house foundation repair issues immediately.

There is no doubt that foundation sinking repair is a serious issue and you want to make sure that it is addressed immediately so that the problem doesn’t deteriorate. The good news is that foundation crack repair doesn’t always have to spell disaster or mean that you are going to spend a fortune. There are different kinds of foundation repair techniques that can be sued by experts depending on what kind of analysis they will have made with regards to your existing problem. Some of the most common ways to repair basement foundation include the following:

Fortress stabilization: This is a foundation crack repair method where carbon fiber straps and Kevlar straps are used in order to stabilize the walls of the foundation so as to stop them from shifting. Fortress stabilization is one of the most affordable ways to do foundation repair as opposed to doing excavation on the outside of your home and it can be sued to properly correct any problems with the foundation. However, it is important to ensure that you get in touch with only the most experienced house foundation contractor who has knowledge on using fortress stabilization.    

Brace reinforcement: For this Foundation repair method steel I-beams are used to ensure that your home becomes secure so that any problems are also accomplished without the need for excavation. The beams are usually attached to the floor joists before they can be bolted and then set on the floor of the basement.

Earth anchors: When this method of house foundation repair is used there will be wall plates attached firmly to the basement walls using a steel anchor rod that runs from those plates to earth anchors that are buried underground.


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