Benefits of Using Data Extraction Tools

There are different kinds of tools that are used for image data extraction and which are available for the extraction of different kinds of data including photographs, handwriting, texts or audio; the latest form of image search and classification software is that which can extract handwriting and text from image files. All the image data extraction systems are based on the principle of Optical Character Recognition otherwise known as OCR. Different business use OCR image search and classification software to extract text from different kinds of software by easily bypassing the need for the traditional forms of data entry.

With image data extraction tools you have a great means to extract all types of printed texts from documents; these tools that are based on the OCR technology have been used for a while now and they have assisted companies to reduce the time and expenditure that would have been spent on manual data entry. When using image recognition tools businesses also discovered that they could actually get the required data faster into the company and therefore the decision making process gets expedited. This is especially important for companies that employ different kinds of forms to collect information for their customers and clients; there are specialized image data extraction tools that can even be used to collect data from handwritten forms that are based on technology that is known as Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR). All these image search and classification tools have a continuously learning neural network that is used for the process of recognition tasks.

Where banks are concerned, there are tools such as Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) that usually enable them to verify the information that is printed on checks using magnetic ink. There are also other tools that have been developed so they can be able to identify optical barcode that are in image search and classification letters, invoices and products. These kinds of image data extraction tools are equipped with optical barcode recognition technology. There is also survey processing which is used to process forms that are used for tests and surveys that are based on a form of image recognition that is known as Optical Mark Recognition (OMR).


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