The New Trend on Restaurant Flooring

If you have been keen enough, you could have realized the fact that most restaurants have since moved away from the era of tablecloths, curtains and carpets; linen free tables, high ceilings and restaurant hardwood flooring is the new kid on the block. While this new style may not yet be the standard, it all depends on whether you know the benefits that are associated with commercial hardwood flooring.

Restaurant hardwood flooring comes in a number of styles, shapes and sizes; this is because there are numerous varieties of elegant hardwood floor installation scenes that you can aways choose from. There are a number of features of excellent restaurant hardwood flooring that you need to give serious consideration such as the fact they can easily withstand the heavy traffic of staff and patrons and the best one of them is that they are easy to maintain and can easily withstand slips and falls.

One of the most interesting features of restaurant hardwood flooring is the fact that they have a slightly enhanced noise level. While under normal circumstances you would expect this to be a nuisance, it is becoming clearer that this is a distraction that actually attracts patrons; the noise creates a conducive environment for patrons to engage in their intimate conversation without any fear that someone could be eavesdropping from the next table.

The type of wood species that is used for restaurant hardwood flooring is chosen not only because of its looks but the durability feature as well. During the installation process the best wood flooring company in Chicago sand blasts and wire brushes all the soft parts away such that only the hard and durable parts remain. In addition to that, they will be installed with a high quality UV protection finish so that you will not have to worry about wear from the sun’s rays as well as a finish that also takes care of heavy foot traffic. You should employ floor care services that use spot cleaning and re-oiling so that you never have to close down your restaurant to do hardwood floor maintenance.


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