Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Even though there are so many options to choose from when it comes to floor installation, millions of people still opt for hardwood flooring perhaps because of the classy and elegant look that comes with it. One important thing that you must remember though that hardwood flooring is a little demanding when it comes to floor maintenance.  If you are going to maintain the rich texture, elegant look and natural beauty of hardwood flooring you must up your game in maintaining its cleanliness and keep away dust, dirt and all manner of stains; this way it will maintain its elegance for years to come.

Even though hardwood flooring is elegant and durable and can easily last a number of years. It is extremely susceptible to dents and scratches. Hardwood floor maintenance requires a simple regime of simple cleaning so as to remove any abrasive substances such as dirt and dust; dust actually behaves like sandpaper that will easily scratch and scour the surface of your hardwood flooring and make it dull.

This means therefore that daily cleaning is required in order to remove any dirt, dust of grim; you may want to use broom or brush that has soft bristles to do your daily cleaning in addition to some regular vacuuming at least once weekly. You must avoid using any broom that has hard bristles or a vacuum cleaner that has beater brush attachments since these will do great damage to your floor; always ensure to use a vacuum cleaner that has a soft brush attachment that is meant for cleaning hardwood flooring.

You also want to remember that hardwood flooring is enemies with any kind of moisture; as such, you cannot use a large amount of water during your floor maintenance regime and especially if your floor already has any work patches. Any hardwood flooring with some large patches will get damaged very easily when it gets into contact with too much moisture. You only need a damp mop to wipe the surface but you must be very careful when it comes to using hardwood cleaners; ask local flooring companies for the required advice.


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