What You Need To Know Before Hiring Movers

It takes little to no effort at all to hire local movers Murrieta. You simply browse through the appropriate phone directory, pick a name, and hire them. But while this will get some moving companies Murrieta out to your house on the right day, it will do very little to ensure you have hired a quality company. If you’re interested in that, you’ll have to do a bit of research. While combing the internet for reviews and asking your friends for recommendations is important, your best information will come straight from the horse’s mouth.

Cost: It is not necessarily a great idea to go with the cheapest local movers in Murrieta, but you deserve to know a company’s rates before you make a decision. Many moving companies in Murrieta will charge by the pound as well as the distance while others charge by the hour. You need to get an estimate before you agree to the terms. While there can be changes between the estimate and the final cost, you may want to look for a clause that states the change can be no more than 15% different.

Using subcontractors: Some Murrieta movers will sometimes use smaller companies for lesser projects. This is obviously more likely to be the case if you are dealing with a large company with several locations. Some of the national chains are particularly likely to do this. Now, merely because a company uses subcontractors, should they be discounted? No. Hopefully, they will ensure that these drivers meet their standards of service. They are representing the larger moving companies Murrieta after all. Still, it’s something to investigate if you know this is the case.

Reputation: Local moving companies in Murrieta will live and die on their reputations. After all, repeat business isn’t going to be their bread and butter. Most people will not move enough to make that a profitable business model. Some movers Murrieta feel as though this gives them carte blanche to treat the customer any way they want, save breaking the law. This is rapidly changing in the era of the internet.


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