Raccoons in Your Attic

For most people it will sound like a scene form a slap stick comedy movie, but raccoon control is a serious task; just one of these creatures can find, create, and wreak havoc on your home or property. Most people think of pest removal dealing with mice, bugs, and maybe snakes, but this large rodent is certainly a bigger and quite dangerous pest control issue.

There are several common places that these pests like to intrude but raccoons in the attic are the most common complaint that most homeowners have. A female, when pregnant, will seek a secluded place to make a nest for her babies, and your attic is a great find. Not only will you have a visitor in your attic, but she will have likely chewed her way in leaving a trail of debris, damaged wires, and energy sucking holes in and around your roof. Raccoons in the attic also like to get cozy inside of a chimney which is not a great scenario in which to have a major role.

Never attempt raccoon control on your own; these masked crusaders are dangerous. They could be rabid or carry other disease, they fight to protect their young, and they will see you as a threat to their food source, and the termination of a female likely leaves behind a litter of future home terrorists, who without their mother will be on the hunt for easily accessible food. Professional raccoon control is the only way to safely and successfully approach the problem.

There is no effective repellent for to get rid of raccoon in the attic and only an experienced pest removal service should be trusted. Some people, with the thought that the pests can be contained to the attic, get the idea that a carpenter or even the handy man of the house will do a fine job with raccoon control. Though a carpenter may be needed to piece your house back together after the damage a furry friend has caused, he is not a good resource for raccoon control. He is not trained, and asking his assistance puts him and your family in danger.


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