Always Hire a Roof Cleaning Expert

The roof of your home is an expensive structural component that is constructed to offer years of protection and shelter to your family. As it is under constant exposure to the elements, UV rays of the sun and occasional mechanical battering from gusty winds, your roofing should be inspected regularly for damages and need for repairs. A common problem that can affect roofs is the growth of fungus, mold, moss and lichens. These growths are not attractive and can damage the material of the roof. To avoid expensive repairs at a later stage, you should opt to conduct occasional roof cleaning.

Before beginning the roof cleaning process, contractors usually survey the roof of the property to determine the chemicals and technique necessary to remove debris and any organic growth. Pressure wash or eco-roof wash can be used to achieve the desired result. Many roofing materials require a light spray to remove debris and dirt. Fungus, mold and algae can be gently removed using a low pressure cleaning jet spray that will not cause damage and harm to the roofing material. You should be careful to employ only approved and licensed contractors that that use approved soft roof wash methods.

The presence of algae stains, moss and fungus is not a reason to panic as they are a common occurrence. Only when the growth becomes uncontrollable does it cause a reason for concern. The lichens and moss have the tendency to retain moisture and become heavy. The absorbed water is not good news for the waterproofing on your roof. The added weight can also result in the loosening and displacement of tiles, buckling and warping of the roofing and other problems. Professional roof cleaning can solve your problem by timely removal of organic growths.

The tar that is a common waterproofing agent is also a great nutritious base for fungi spores. Tar is made of fossils and provides the ideal surface for fungi to develop and grow. Roofing is severely impacted by these growths. As soon as such growths become conspicuous, you should find a way for their removal by professional no pressure roof cleaning.


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